My dream

I have always dreamed of the perfect, unique jewelry, and the search has been long. Whether it's mass-produced, too expensive or simply uninspiring. Therefore, one morning on October 6 2023, to be exact, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went down to my mom's basement studio and started experimenting with 925 sterling silver, tin and saltwater pearls. It turns out my dream came true on October 6 2023, and I hope that Axatélier can make the jewelry of your dreams come true today as well.

Care advice

Do not use silver polish or any other cleaning agent on your jewerly. They don't like that and can get ruined.


At Axatélier we are dedicated to crafting exquisite and unique jewelry pieces that transcend the ordinary. Our mission is to redefine the standard of elegance by blending creativity, precision, and passion into every design. We aspire to provide our customers with not just accessories, but cherished symbols that resonate with individual stories and style. Committed to sustainability, we source responsibly and craft mindfully, ensuring our creations not only adorn but also contribute positively to our world. Join us on a journey where each piece is a testament to artistry, individuality, and timeless beauty – because at Axatélier we believe in making every moment extraordinary.


At Axatélier we envision a world where each piece of jewelry is a conduit for self-expression, a reflection of individual stories, and a celebration of timeless beauty. Our vision is to be a beacon of creativity and craftsmanship, inspiring a community that values uniqueness and embraces the artistry in every detail. We strive to curate collections that not only captivate with their elegance but also empower wearers to embrace their authenticity. Through a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and a deep appreciation for the art of jewelry-making, we aspire to become synonymous with enduring style and a symbol of personal significance. Join us on this journey, where the vision is not just in the jewelry we create, but in the stories, we help people tell with every piece.